A language without words

To me, horses have always spoken to the soul.

It was therefore a fairytale moment when an unknown and uninvited majestic black mare, as free as the waves, galloped down from the hills to join me on my wedding day on the beach. There she stood with my guests, nostrils flared, thick black mane lifting in the wind; she picked up a rose in her velvet mouth and shook the petals across the sand. The ceremony began.

I had always dreamed of owning my own horse. Two months later, the beautiful Blue Pearl was mine, and I was hers. Pearl is my friend and teacher of how to be a good leader.

Initially, I strived to enjoy a horses love without fear of their overwhelming power. Our relationship has been a long journey of continuous learning. Over the past seven years I have studied both Parelli natural horsemanship and the “clicker system” (Click with Horses, Georgia Bruce). In practicing the combination of different systems, I have developed my own skills in interacting with the herd and the individual spirit of the horse.

Over the past few years I have helped numerous people to better understand and communicate more clearly with their horses using natural horsemanship, here in Golden Bay. I have had a huge demand to pass on my skills and knowledge to the wider population and past customers have urged me to set up this website.

When you ever consider a horse or need to look after horses the first thing you need to learn is just to be ‘one’ with a horse, to communicate and feel the love of that horse.

Let ‘A Love for Horses’ guide you.