Have you always loved horses but never had the opportunity of that one-on-one time with a horse needed to build a special bond?

Or maybe you dream of owning your own horse but you are unsure of the daunting task of caring for one?

I offer you the opportunity to spend time with my horses and myself, learning about horse care and communication.

The time will be tailored around your individual requirements. Activities might include: learning about the daily routines of feeding, grooming and health care; riding and swimming with the horses; Liberty work and learning how to communicate with a horse safely and effectively, using natural horsemanship.

Natural horsemanship is about speaking the language of the horse, asking them questions and measuring their response, building a relationship of mutal-respect that allows you to work as one.



Price $60 first hour every other hour $40


Learn basic horse care and introducing natural horsemanship, a great preparation when you want to test ‘the waters’ in having an own horse. Yes when the weather allows we can go swimming with the horses

The sessions will be tailored to your needs and held at a suitable location.



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