Price $60 first hour every other hour $40

Many people would love to experience that special feeling you get when you bond with a horse, but sometimes the power and unpredicability of horses makes people too fearful to get close to them. When you learn to make friends with a horse, gaining a level of mutual respect and understanding, the feelings of liberation, empowerment and personal healing are monumental. I will use my knowledge of natural horsemanship to help guide you to learn to communicate with my horses in an organic way, helping to overcome your fears in small steps.

Sessions Individual, one-on-one sessions with a horse and trainer.Minimal 2-hour session at a suitable location.

Overview of the sessions

Depending on your level of fear, first we might work on allowing a horse into your space. Let the horse come to you, slowly and gently, begin to sense the horse. When you are comfortable with getting close to the horse and touching the horse, we will begin to communicate with the horse.

Learn how these magnificent creatures respond to very simple body language. Ask them questions and they will answer.

As your confidence grows, we can move out of a paddock to the beach for a walk, run or play in the water.

Beach Retreat with Your Horse

Let My Horse Model Your Brand

Communicate with a Horse

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