I offer a number of other services. If there is something specific that you need help with, please contact me.

Some of the services I offer are:


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Groundwork, out of the saddle, is always a priority for me: it sets the foundations for all future work that you will be doing with your horse.

To be connected with your horse you must be able to first communicate effectively and fluently with them. I can help you to learn to communicate with your horse using natural horsemanship methods.

On the ground, you can begin to introduce the questions you might want to ask and the cues you will want to use when riding.

You can explore the methods of communication that your horse most likes to use. In taking the time to speak to your horse in this way, they will come to respect you more, building up both of your confidence.

You can work with your horse in a variety of different activities and gaits on the ground, preparing them for all disciplines.

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Liberty work is about communicating with a horse without any lines or means of control. It is about speaking their language.

You will learn how to sensitively and effectively ask your horse to work with you using communication cues that they themselves might use when part of a herd. You will also learn how to listen to their needs and concerns, in a relationship of mutual respect.

For example, your horse may be too anxious or stiff to begin a task; let them guide you to what they need at that moment to be able to work with you. Give them time. It will make both of your experiences so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.


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Problem Solving

When working with horses we encounter many challenges, such as nervous horses; horses who do not listen; horses who will not load or travel safely in a float.

Using my knowledge and experience of natural horsemanship, I can help you and your horse to overcome some of these challenges.




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